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Cyber Security

What is Cyber Security Course?

Cyber Security courses are designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of the process of protecting computers, servers, mobile devices, digital systems, networks, and data/facilities from malicious attacks. In some cases, it is also called electronic information security or information technology security.

What is the need of Cyber Security course?

Cyber-attacks are evolving by the day. Hackers are becoming smarter and more creative with their malware and how they bypass virus scans and firewalls still baffles many people. Therefore there has to be some sort of protocol that protects us against all these cyber-attacks and makes sure our data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. This is exactly why we need cyber security and to learn about it one will must go for cyber security courses.

Cyber Security Courses provides us the following facilities:

  • Cyber attacks and data breach protection for businesses.
  • Data and network security are both protected.
  • Unauthorized user access is avoided.
  • After a breach, there is a faster recovery time.
  • End-user and endpoint device protection.
  • Regulatory adherence.
  • Continuity of operations.
  • Developers, partners, consumers, stakeholders, and workers have more faith in the company’s reputation and trust.

 After completing cyber security course, you will become.

  1. Chief Information Security Officer
  2. Cryptographer
  3. Forensic Expert
  4. Incident Responder
  5. Penetration Testes
  6. Security Administrator
  7. Security Analyst
  8. Security Architect
  9. Security Auditor
  10. Security Code Auditor
  11. Security Consultant
  12. Security Engineer
  13. Security Manager
  14. Security Software Developer
  15. Security Specialist
  16. Vulnerability Accessor

After completing networking course, you are eligible to do:

  1. Set and implement user access controls and identity and access management systems
  2. Monitor network and application performance to identify and irregular activity
  3. Perform regular audits to ensure security practices are compliant
  4. Deploy endpoint detection and prevention tools to thwart malicious hacks
  5. Set up patch management systems to update applications automatically
  6. Implement comprehensive vulnerability management systems across all assets on-premises and in the cloud
  7. Work with IT operations to set up a shared disaster recovery/business continuity plan
  8. Work with HR and/or team leads to educate employees on how to identify suspicious activity
  9. You can work as an ethical hacker, penetration tester, cryptography specialist, security software developer, or cyber legal support professional.

Top Recruiters:

  1. Cognizant Technology Solutions
  2. Cisco Systems
  3. IBM
  4. HDFC
  5. HCL
  6. TCS
  7. Infosys
  8. LTI
  9. Accenture

Salary Package:

How much salary does Cyber Security professional earns?

Dedicated and hard-working professionals can reach to the top position soon.

In India, a fresher may get the salary package of 3 or 3.5 lacs per year.

Your Training Partner: –

  1. Level 1 Mr……….. (Trainer)
  2. Level 2 Mrs. V.P. Singh (Training Coordinator)
  3. Level 3 Mr. Mansur Ali (Manager)
  4. Level 4 Helpdesk +91-9680100687

CEO Desk: –

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