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Legal Advisor

What is Legal Advisor Course?

Legal  course helps the students to provides legal advice to organizations. A legal advisor would assist with client contracts, draft legal documents and resolve disputes. This course provides work for a variety of organizations, including Large Corporations, Government agencies, individual departments in large businesses.

Course basic details

Our course includes certified legal advisor course.

What is the need of Legal Advisor Course?

In simple words, Legal advisor” usually refers to the person that will be responsible for handling a company’s legal responsibilities. Duties may include preparing contracts and documentation, and providing a variety of legal support.

The role of a legal advisor in the industry involves the following duties:

    • Overseeing client contracts
    • Providing commercially sensible and cost-effective legal advice for  contracts management
    • Conducting legal research
    • Drafting basic legal documents for projects
    • Ensuring compliance to  laws and regulations
    • Preparing claims
    • Resolving buy-sell disputes and property infringements
    • Providing arbitration, litigation and mediation support
    • Advising on the latest legal standards
    • Meeting and interviewing clients
    • Drafting documents, letters and contracts
    • Acting on behalf of clients in disputes, if necessary.

After completing Legal Advisor course, you will become.

  • Legal advisor
  • Financial Legal advisor
  • Legal journalist
  • Legal Officer
  • Legal Analyst
  • Legal assistant
  • Nodal officer
  • Legal Manager
  • Government lawyer
  • Document Drafting lawyer
  • Legal associate

 After completing Legal Advisor course, you are eligible to do:

 Legal advisors provide legal advice and guidance for their company. Their duties can vary depending on their legal speciality and employer, but common responsibilities include:

  • Advising managers and business leaders on legal matters and
  • Reviewing laws and ensuring the organization follows local
  • Researching current laws and staying updated on changes.
  • Overseeing internal litigation and and legal paperwork.
  • Drafting, Reviewing & negotiating contracts for the company.
  • Writing legal documents, including statements & agreements.
  • Protecting an organization’s trademark & patents

Top Recruiters:

  1. Banks & building societies.
  2. Financial Planning firms
  3. Investment firms
  4. Multinational Companies
  5. Entertainment Industries
  6. Investment Companies
  7. Finance Management Companies

 Salary Package:

How much salary does legal Advisor earns?

Dedicated and hard-working professionals can reach to the top position soon

The expected salary for a legal advisor varies as you become more experienced.

  • Newly trained legal advisors can earn 2-3 lac per annum.
  • Trained legal advisors with some experience can earn 5-6 lac per annum.
  • Senior legal advisors can earn in excess of 25-35 lac per annum

Your Training Partner: –

  1. Level 1 Mr……….. (Trainer)
  2. Level 2 Mrs. V.P. Singh (Training Coordinator)
  3. Level 3 Mr. Mansur Ali (Manager)
  4. Level 4 Helpdesk +91-9680100687

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